Top 10 Best Tribest Juicer Reviews 2022

Following a healthy diet can be very demanding and that is the reason why many people tend to leave it and continue with their previous unhealthy diet. But with Tribest Juicers to choose from, it shouldn’t be a worry for you. There are still a lot of options out there that can help you enjoy your healthy living. And juice is one of the few things that can be extremely tasty while also being healthy. Imagine you could make a healthier and tastier alternative to packaged juices anytime at your home. A good juicer can turn your imagination into reality. This post will tell you about the best juicers of Tribest corporation.

Investing in a high-quality juicer once will keep you happy and healthy for ages. Though a high-quality juicer can be a little expensive they are definitely worth the extra money. These juicers are more quiet, durable and the best thing about them is that these juicers retain most of the nutrients in the juice. A high-quality juicer is manufactured using high-quality materials which means it will last way longer than an average juicer. Tribest Juicers can handle a variety of hard fruits and vegetables like carrots, apples, etc. Also, juice juiced from a high-quality cold-pressed juicer machine, such as Tribest, is much smoother and less pulpy compared to a low-quality juicer. You’ll have to taste it to believe it!

Tribest is one of the most reputable and well-known brands in the juicer industry. Tribest produces some of the best juicers out there. Founded in 1988 Tribest focuses on kitchen appliances (mainly juicers) designed to ensure a healthy lifestyle. Tribest promises its customers high-quality, long-lasting juicers. Since 1988, Tribest has launched a variety of products and has continued to inspire hundreds of thousands of customers. Check out Tribest Juicer reviews to grab some amazing deals and take a step forward towards a healthy lifestyle!

10 Best Tribest Cold Press Juicers Reviews

Being a product of one of the leading manufacturers in the juicing industry and featuring a 2-in-1 unit with a contemporary design, it is among the best selling models on Amazon. This is a multi-tasking appliance which not only functions as a high performance slow juicer but also includes a mincing attachment to offer the functionalities of a food processor. Using the mincing attachment, you can use your appliance for all kinds of recipes such as nut butters, sorbets etc.

Another reason for its popularity among customers is the slow speed that it operates at. The speed of just 47 RPM ensures that maximum juice is retrieved out of the ingredients and also ensures that no heat is produced during the process to degrade the juice quality. Besides the slow speed, another intelligent design feature is the duo-blade auger which makes juice extraction faster and easier for both ameteur and expert cooks.
The powerful performance of the slow juicer comes from its capable 200 watts motor which makes use of reduction gears to enhance the torque and reduce the possibilities of jamming during the juicing process. Other attractive features of the product include a convenient juicing cap which prevents any mess on the counter and lets you prepare mixed fruit juices and BPA-free construction of the product for healthier juicing. As for durability, you can trust the product completely since it has a long-term warranty of 10 years with it.


  • The pulp tends to adhere to the sealing ring which can be somewhat problematic to remove.
  • You will find it a bit costly as compared to other slow juicer varieties in the market.

If you are looking for a commercial-grade cold press juicer with superior performance, you will find this model by Tribest completely up to your expectations. It uses a powerful magnetic twin gear system for developing an enhanced masticating system which functions at a slow speed of 110 RPM to guarantee bigger yield and better quality than most others.

Besides the better juice quality and yield that the unique design of the product has to offer, it is easy to assemble, disassemble and to clean. The included cleaning brush and scraping tool makes your work much simpler than what you would think possible. Furthermore, there is a reverse button on it which helps release the machine of any jams that it may encounter while juicing. Besides its juicing capabilities, you can also use the machine for food processing purposes or pasta-making using its homogenizing accessories and pasta nozzles. You can rest assured that you have made an investment for life and will be delivered with utmost juicing performance for years to come since it comes with a long-term warranty of 12 years.


  • It takes some effort to push the fruits down the feed chute using the plunger.
  • The model is expensive when you compare it to the other cold press juicers on the market.

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Here is one of the juicing masterpieces created by Tribest. It uses a dual-stage extraction technique to extract juice at a speed as slow as 57 RPM which will ensure a far greater yield than most juicers in addition to a delayed oxidation to increase the freshness and shelf-life of the extracted juice. For this reason, this model is a preferred option for juicing all types of organic produce including fruits, vegetables and even wheatgrass. Despite the slow speed, the juicer uses a heavy-duty motor with a gear reduction comparable to 5.4 HP which ensures a hassle-free juicing experience with reduced chances of jamming.

The easily detachable parts are dishwasher safe which makes cleanup simple while the BPA-free construction of the parts ensures healthier juicing. Furthermore, this versatile piece of machinery comes with all the accessories required for food processing and pasta making. Also, since it is designed for regular and rough usage in a commercial kitchen, the construction is sturdy and durable and is warranted by the manufacturer for a period of 15 years.


  • The smaller size of the feeding tube requires you to chop fruits and vegetables into smaller portions before juicing them.
  • The motor rotates very slow which means the juicing process will be longer.

Built for commercial usage, this is a cold press masticating juicer which uses a stainless steel twin-gear motor for efficient juicing and better quality results. The slow rotational speed of 110 RPM at which the unit operates ensures that maximum juice content is retrieved from the ingredients and that almost all the nutrients and enzymes that were present in the original produce are preserved in the juice drink. Besides the usual juicing of fruits and vegetables, the juicer does an excellent job at extracting juice out of tough roots such as ginger and leafy greens such as wheatgrass.

Other than expecting far better results with this commercial-grade cold press juicer, you can also expect simpler usage and simpler cleanup with the easy-to-assemble parts and convenient cleaning tools available in the package. You will, additionally, find food processing and pasta-making accessories in the package to allow a versatile cooking experience in your kitchen using a single appliance. Also, just like all of the other Tribest products, you can expect it to last for a long time and comes with a 5-year company warranty to prove it.


  • The design includes many minute parts which need to be put together and taken apart which may prolong the cleaning process.
  • The 5-year warranty is shorter than that given by other commercial juicers.

If you are looking for an affordable yet efficient and durable slow juicer model by Tribest, here is one that will interest you. It uses only one auger for efficient extraction of juice in a 2-stage technique to ensure maximum yield and maximum quality. Furthermore, its 80 RPM speed will ensure low heat production and a delayed rate of oxidation so that you enjoy fresh and nutritious drinks for a lengthier time than that obtained through the conventional centrifugal juicers.

Although its price is lower than most of the other Tribest models, you can rest assured of the quality standards since it has all the necessary UL and CE certifications. Additionally, the 5 year warranty will help you develop further confidence in the durability of the product and motivate you to use the product on a regular basis. Like most other high-end masticating juicers in the market, it does not simply function as a juicer. You will find grinding, milling and pasta making accessories in the package to let you use the product for a variety of different recipes. The accessories will also include juice and pulp containers to simplify the task for you.


  • The feed chute isn’t large enough to accommodate whole fruits and vegetables.
  • It does not use BPA-free parts.

Here is a versatile juicing machine by Tribest which is not only an excellent source of fresh juices from roots, fruits, vegetables and leafy greens but also an appliance which can cover most of your food processing and pasta making requirements. Looking at its juicing capabilities first, it includes an automatic pulp ejection system for easier cleanup as well as continuous juicing. Additionally, it uses a powerful twin-gear motor which can efficiently extract juice out of fruits, vegetables, hard roots and leafy greens while producing minimum heat and noise. The slow speed extraction at 110 RPM ensures that all the nutrients are preserved in the juice and that the juice has a longer shelf life.

The milling accessories allow you to prepare nut butters and sorbets with ease while the pasta nozzles function at 2 settings to let you prepare fettuccine or spaghetti to add greater versatility to your kitchen. The product comes with UL, TUV and CE certifications and includes a 5 year warranty to satisfy the customers.


  • The unit is rather bulky and takes up some space in the kitchen.
  • The parts are not BPA-free.

Standing among the highest quality juicers on the market, this product by Tribest is constructed for heavy-duty commercial usage. It uses a dual stage juicing process to guarantee better results with all ingredients including fruits, vegetables, roots and leafy greens. Besides the efficient juicing process, we also have the magnetic twin-gear motor and the slow speed of 110 RPM to thank for the greater yield and better nutrient retention. Additionally, the appliance is simple to clean and has an automatic pulp ejection system for promoting continuous juicing.

Other than juicing all kinds of fruits, vegetables and herbs, the machine also includes milling accessories for the creation of nut butters, sorbets and purees and pasta-making nozzles with fettuccine and spaghetti settings. Furthermore, you can put complete confidence in the durability and quality of the product since it comes with UL, TUV and CE certifications and is warranted by its manufacturer for a period of 5 years.


  • The model will take up a considerable amount of storage space inside your kitchen due to its large size.
  • The 5 year-warranty is a bit short, especially when you consider the higher price tag on the product.

GP-E1503 is another twin-gear model by Tribest which is built for regular usage inside a commercial kitchen as well as for domestic usage. The twin-gear system functions at 110 RPM which is slow enough to take out as much juice from the ingredients as possible while producing minimum heat during the process. The parts are all BPA-free for safe usage and the automatic pulp ejection process makes continuous juicing and cleanup simpler for you. The package includes a bunch of additional accessories such as cleaning tools and drip tray to further simplify the cleanup for you. Additionally, the end cap is adjustable to adjust the pulp pressure.

Besides the fine and coarse juicing screens for customized juicing, you will also find homogenizing and pasta making accessories in the package. What sets it apart from other machines is its improved pasta making set which includes 3 settings including fettuccine, spaghetti and angel hair. The extensive set of accessories lets you create different recipes including purees, sorbets, nut butters and pasta dishes from scratch. Additionally, the 5-year warranty ensures safe usage of the appliance for a long time.


  • It’s not dishwasher safe.
  • Ingredients need to be cut before processing because of the narrow feed chute.

If you are looking for highly efficient and durable cold press juicers by Tribest, this model will not disappoint you. It has a heavy-duty twin gear system to produce a much greater yield and extract more nutrients than others in the market. What’s unique about this efficient juicer other than its sleek, black exterior is the 3-stage juicing process that it uses. In contrast to the 2-stage juicing of the usual cold press juicers, this machine makes use of its unique 3-stage juicing process to extract a far greater yield than a regular cold press juice extractor.

Besides juicing all sorts of fruits, vegetables, roots and leafy greens, the product also includes accessories for pasta making and grinding. The automatic pulp ejection system assists in easier and faster use of the appliance while the sure-grip handle makes transportation easier. The lightweight construction further assists handling of the appliance. Despite being lightweight, the construction is tough and the product is built to last which is proven by the long-term warranty offered by the manufacturer for a period of 12 years.


  • The cleanup of the appliance can be somewhat time-consuming.
  • The juice may include a small amount of pulp in it.

Another versatile juicing machine by Tribest is GS2000 which is not only capable of juicing fruits, vegetables, roots and leafy greens but will also include accessories to allow the creation of homemade nut butters, frozen fruit desserts, sorbets and baby food. The construction of the machine is solid since it makes use of heavy-duty materials suitable for regular and rough usage. Speaking of durability, the stainless steel strainer is rust-resistant and will give optimal performance for years without troubling you with any replacements. Furthermore, the device also has a useful reverse function which runs the motor in reverse direction to the machine free of any jams it may experience during the juicing process.

Besides the grinding tools that come with the juicer, it also includes a pasta-maker set for creating both fettuccine and spaghetti dishes from scratch. The wide range of accessories will also include fine and coarse strainers to customize the juicing results to your liking and cleaning tools to simplify the cleanup chore for you. Also, with the 5-year warranty, you can place more confidence in the product and use it for regular juicing without fearing any damage.


  • The model uses up a large storage space.
  • The 5-year warranty is shorter than the other high-end cold press juicers in the market.