Super Angel Premium Deluxe .316 SS Screen Auger Juicer Review

Super Angel Premium Deluxe .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer Review

A commercial kitchen is all about speed, efficiency and above all, customer satisfaction. Super Angel Premium Deluxe  .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer understands your juicing requirements to the fullest and will deliver a performance that will keep your restaurant or juice stand always crowded. It’s a heavy duty machine equipped with a commercial grade motor, automatic safety control and stainless steel twin gears to deliver the best quality juices and run smoothly even after years of heavy-duty use.

Special Features that Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Model .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer Offers


Super Angel Premium Deluxe .316 SS Screen Auger JuicerThe juicer is built for heavy duty use in a commercial kitchen which is why it is constructed with the highest grade stainless steel parts. The commercial grade motor of 3HP which is installed within the commercial cold press juicer is built to withstand heavy use such as continuous juicing of hard ingredients. It rotates the stainless steel twin gears at a slow speed of 82 RPM to extract the maximum liquid out of them. In contrast to the high speed juicers which rotate the auger at speeds as high as 1500 RPM, Super Angel Premium Deluxe is able to extract 30% greater yield.

Safety Features:

The built-in safety features are another huge plus, especially since the juicer will be put through heavy-duty, continuous use in a commercial kitchen. These will include automatic reverse function to free the machine in case it clogs and automatic cooling in case the motor heats up. In addition to these, the speed of the machine adjusts automatically to protect the unit in case it is overloaded.


The juicer isn’t hard to clean if you do the job right after you are done using the juicer. Since there are few parts involved, all of which are dishwasher safe, your work isn’t a lot. Also, since the strainer is the major problematic area, as is the case with all other juicers, there is a cleaning brush included to help you out.

Juice Quality:

Super Angel Premium Deluxe .316 SS Screen Auger Juicer partsThe slow rotating twin gears are ideal for juicing all kinds of fruits, citruses, vegetables, greens, soya beans and nuts. Whether you have dry leafy greens such as kale or wheatgrass, or you have soft fruits like tomatoes or papaya or hard veggies like ginger, sweet potatoes or even cauliflower, this commercial cold press juicer can juice it all to produce a clear, fresh glass of juice that has almost no froth and will stay fresh for over 3 days.


One of the most impressive features of Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE is its industry standard, long term warranty. A 10-year warranty is available for the motor and all its gears and a 5-year warranty on any wear and tear of the parts. The heavy-duty construction of the juicer backed by such an impressive warranty, guarantees that this commercial cold press juicer is going to stick with you for a very long time.

Technical Specifications of Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Model .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 11.5 x 13 inches
Product Weight: 17 pounds
Wattage: 170 W
Cord Length: 5.5 ft
Speed: 80 rpm
Frequency: 60 Hz

Pros and Cons of Super Angel PREMIUM DELUXE Model .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer


  • The automatic cooling system ensures that no heat is produced to destroy the healthy nutrients.
  • The juicer features quiet operation despite the high motor power.
  • Multiple safety features ensure a smooth, risk-free operation.
  • The parts are all built using stainless steel and are highly durable.


  • The price is high.
  • The horizontal design of the juicer makes it take relatively greater space on the counter.
  • The feeding chute is small which means you cannot feed whole ingredients into it.
  • Grinding accessories are available as a separate purchase. They aren’t included in the package.

Bottom Line

Super Angel Premium Deluxe  .316 SS Screen/Auger Juicer is a very rich model in terms of features and performance. The slightly higher price tag is completely justified by the surgical grade stainless steel construction, unique safety features, highest quality output and the industry standard warranty that comes included in the package. It is, without a doubt, one of the best models you can get if you wish to start, or upgrade, a juice stand, a bar or a restaurant.