Top 10 Best Omega Cold Press Juicer Reviews 2022

As the world continues to adopt a healthier lifestyle fruit juices are getting very popular nowadays. More and more people want to quit drinking bottled juices and opt for much healthier fruit juices. If you want to start drinking fresh juice and are looking for a great juicer then no need to worry because Omega Cold Press Juicers are here for you. A high-quality juicer is one of the most clever investments you can make if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. These juicers are much more durable and reliable than cheap ones. These juicers are also able to juice harder fruits or vegetables like carrot, apple, etc.

One of the best parts about cold press juicers is that they are way healthier compared to ordinary centrifugal juicers. A slow juicer gently crushes the fruits or vegetables to extract the juice. These juicers minimize the amount of oxygen oxidized in the juice resulting in a much healthier nutrient full juice. These juicers also create a smoother and more nutritious juice compared to centrifugal juicers. Some theories also claim that juice juiced from a cold press juicer is very helpful in losing weight, boosting the immune system and it prevents cancer.

Omega is one of the few companies that produce high-quality, long-lasting cold press juicers. Omega specializes in manufacturing various types of juicers ranging from citrus to centrifuge to cold press. Founded in 1985 by Robert Leo Omega has continued to manufacture industry-standard juicers which are loved by millions of their customers. Omega’s juicers are very quiet and reliable compared to other juicers in the market. Here are some of the best cold press juicers offered by Omega. Check them out and take a step forward towards a healthy diet.

Best Omega Cold Press Juicer Reviews

It is a masticating juicer that operates at a speed of merely 80 RPM to ensure maximum juice is taken out from fruits, vegetables and leafy greens that you add to it. The lower speed also ensures a prolonged shelf life and maximum retention of nutrients. This dual stage juicer, with a gear power reduction similar to the one from a 2 HP motor, takes the juice out from the ingredients using a two-stage process to guarantee maximum yield out of minimum input. The juicer has a strong GE Ultem auger and a pulp ejection function that’s automatic to allow continuous operation of the machine.

Besides its juicing capabilities, it also has many other functions you can benefit from. You may use the same machine for making nut butter, baby food, homemade pasta, ground coffee, minced herbs and more. Furthermore, the stabilizing feet at the bottom ensures that it stays stationary during operation. You will also love the fact that it operates quietly, is easy to use and very simple to clean. The entire package comes with an impressive 15-year warranty from Omega.


  • The exterior is plastic which means the construction is not as solid as in many high-end juicers.
  • Juice extraction takes a long time with such a slow speed.

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This is another slow speed juicer by the same brand which works at a speed as slow as 80 RPM to squeeze maximum juice out of the ingredients that you put into it. It is reasonably priced and packed with features to qualify it as a commercial juicer. Just like the first one on our list, it uses a dual-stage juicing process to squeeze juice from all sorts of produce including fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass, and leafy greens and leave a drier pulp than most other juicers. The machine is quiet during operation and easy to clean afterward. All the parts are dishwasher safe to make cleanup more convenient for you.

The structure is solid and comes with a wide base along with stabilizing feet to ensure that the machine is static on the kitchen counter all the while that you are using it. You should also know that this durable machine will not just operate as a cold press juicer but a capable food processor as well, offering functions such as pasta-making, grinding, mincing etc. There is, additionally, a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer just like the one offered for the previous one on our list.


  • Because of the smaller size of the feed chute, you will need to cut up most fruits and vegetables before you juice them.
  • The cleanup can be hard if not done immediately.

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Among the best sellers on Amazon, is this cold press juicer by the same company which is available at an attractive price and includes many useful features. The vertical masticating design of the juicer ensures that it features a smaller footprint and takes up little space on the counter while the low operating speed of 80 RPM ensures maximum juice extraction and nutrient retention from the organic produce which you use. The automatic pulp ejection system lets you operate the machine continuously and makes it easier to clean too. To clean the machine between multiple tasks, you can simply pass water through the chute and discard it into one of the containers available with the package.

The operation is simple with an on/off switch and a reverse button to assist in releasing jams that may be encountered during juicing. The juicer works well with all kinds of produce including fruits, veggies, leafy greens and wheatgrass and includes a convenient hopper and pusher at the top of the machine to easily push the ingredients into it. Two spouts are available along with two separate containers, one for collecting the juice and the other one for the pulp.


  • The machine does not come with additional strainers which means it is not as versatile as some of the other ones in the market.
  • The extracted juice includes some pulp in it.

The machine is not just a capable cold press juicer, but a complete nutrition center in a single package. It operates as a slow juicer, food processor and also a pasta maker. The dual-stage juicing system runs at a speed of just 80 RPM to create the greatest quality juice possible with little foam, almost no heat build-up, and less wastage. The auto-pulp ejection system promotes continuous juicing and easier operation so that you are more inclined to use it in your kitchen regularly.

The slow juicer, additionally, features a very useful reverse mode which releases any jams due to clogging inside the machine while extracting juice. Besides being ideal for juicing different varieties of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and wheatgrass, the machine can also produce nut butter, baby food, minced garlic, ground nuts and homemade pasta with ease. Besides the simple and versatile usage offered by the device, it is also simple to clean with only 5 major parts to handle. The machine comes in a black and chrome exterior, is built to last with durable construction and weighs merely 17 pounds making it simpler to move around on the counter.


  • The juicing screen is a bit tedious to clean because of smaller pores.
  • The parts aren’t BPA-free.

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Here is another popular choice among health enthusiasts since it comes at an attractive price and features all the top-of-the-line features of a slow juicer. The juicer works on a dual-stage extraction process that takes out more juice and nutrients than any other juicer from the products that you pass down the chute. With single-auger design, 2 HP motor and slow rotating speed of 80 RPM, the juicer handles all types of produce well, be it fruits, veggies, leafy greens or wheatgrass that you challenge it with. Despite featuring a powerful motor, the operation is quiet so that you can use it any time of the day you please without disturbing those around you.

Automatic pulp ejection system makes usage and cleanup simpler while the 5 pressure settings of the auger ensure maximum juice extraction for different kinds of ingredients. Just like many other models from Omega, this one is also a complete nutrition center with juicing, pasta-making and food processing functions packed in the same appliance. The package also offers 6 nozzles and 2 juicing screens to allow even greater versatility. The company, additionally, offers a 15-year warranty to ensure safe and convenient usage of the device.


  • Extraction of juice from certain ingredients can let some of the pulp pass through.
  • A bit more expensive than other models.

If you are looking for a more advanced juicing machinery than the ones discussed above, here is the one for you. It features a better quality auger, speed adjustments, and a larger feed chute to make juice extraction easier, efficient and healthier for you. It uses the same 80 RPM speed of its auger to extract maximum juice from the ingredients while leaving a drier pulp and ensuring that maximum nutrients stay intact in the final drink.

The machine uses a quiet but powerful 2 HP motor to create a greater torque than most of the others in the market and 5 pressure settings of the auger for maximum efficiency with all kinds of ingredients. You will also find other attractive features like the automatic pulp ejection feature which will make cleanup a breeze.

The machine features a strong construction with a chrome exterior and a built-in handle on the top to make it easier to move around. Just like many other models discussed above, the machine also features food processing and pasta making capabilities for the users to benefit from. Furthermore, the 15 years warranty supports regular and rough usage of the appliance inside your kitchen.


  • The model is a bit more expensive as compared to most of the others.
  • Requires a large space for storage and operation.

This model is among the most inexpensive ones on this list and yet features an array of features you can benefit from. This is a centrifugal juicer which creates almost the same results as the more expensive slow juicers, only in smaller time. This is a compact juicer which features a smaller footprint than most to make it easier to store and to handle. This pulp-ejection juicer features a strong motor of ½ HP to produce a rotational speed as high as 12,000 RPMs. The automatic pulp ejection system along with a large pulp container allows for continuous juicing and the larger size of the chute relieves you of the trouble to cut most fruits and vegetables prior to adding them to the juicer. Most of the parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe to make it easier for the users to clean.

This is a UL-approved juicer which comes with the highest quality parts including stainless steel blades and basket. The manufacturer also offers a 10-year warranty to guarantee its durable construction. Overall, it is a professional grade juicer which is quite simple in operation and cleanup and comes at an affordable price which makes it a preferred choice of many juice lovers.


  • It is not a slow juicer.
  • The model is a little noisier than the slow juicers.
  • The setup of the machine can be problematic especially the first few times that you use it.

Here is another model from the VRT series of juicers produced by Omega which features a ½ HP single-phase induction motor for slow juicing of the produce you feed into the chute. The dual-stage juicing system ensures a greater yield and a drier pulp to maximize juicing efficiency and minimize wastage. The machine comes with the patented screw design of the auger to enhance juicing efficiency. The auto-pulp ejection makes continuous juicing simpler for the juicer while the intelligent addition of the reverse mode to the design of the juicer allows you to release any jams that the machine encounters.

The juicer, additionally, features an 80 RPM speed to ensure minimum oxidation of the juice and a strong juicing screen which allows everyday use of the machine without experiencing any damages. There is a 10-year warranty on it to further relieve you of the fear of any damages during regular operation. The unique auto-cleaning feature makes the cleaning of the machine, especially that of the juicing screen, simple while the vertical design of the juicer ensures that it takes up minimum space on the counter.


  • The juicer is a little expensive.
  • It is not too efficient when juicing wheatgrass.
  • The juicing screen is a bit weaker than that included in other models.

Besides being one of the greatest slow juicers in the market, it is a complete nutrition center with food processing and pasta-making capabilities. The machine lets you create unique recipes such as nut butter and frozen desserts with ease and perfection. The powerful motor and the strong Ultem auger operate the machine quietly, using the efficient dual-stage extraction system for maximum yield and a pulp that’s drier than the rest. Furthermore, it is quite capable of handling most types of organic produce with much ease including fruits, greens, vegetables and wheatgrass.

The product includes some very attractive features in the design including 5 pressure settings for maximum extraction of juice from a variety of ingredients and automatic pulp ejection for easier usage. The slow speed of 80 RPM ensures that minimum heat is produced during the operation and reduced oxidation of the drink. Furthermore, the detachable parts are dishwasher safe for easier cleanup and BPA-free so that your family stays healthy. The design also features a handle on top to transport it easily. Additionally, the manufacturer backs it with an impressive 15-year warranty.


  • You will first need to cut the ingredients into pieces and then add them to the chute since the size of the chute isn’t large enough.

The most expensive and also the most contemporary model on this list is the VSJ843QR by Omega. The motor rotates at a slower speed than any other model on this list. This slow speed of just 43 RPM ensures that the entire juice is extracted out of the fruit or vegetable that you put into the machine and results in an unusually drier pulp which proves it. The slow juice extraction by the 150 watts motor and reduction gears of this particular model will also ensure minimum heat build-up, minimum oxidation and longer shelf life of the extracted juice.

The juicer, additionally, features a more advanced dual-edge auger for powerful operation and an automatic pulp ejection system for continuous juice extraction and simpler usage. The design of the juicer is vertical so that it takes minimum space on your kitchen counter or inside a kitchen cabinet. Also, its BPA-free components ensure safe usage even when preparing juice for babies. The model works well with all sorts of fruits and vegetables, whether they are hard or soft, in addition to leafy greens, citrus fruits, and even wheatgrass. You may also use it to prepare almond milk or soy milk to add even more versatility to your recipes. The product is fit for regular and tough use since it is backed by a 15-year warranty by the manufacturer.


  • The model is pricier than all of the others on this list.
  • Food processing features are not included in the design.
  • The slower speed also elongates the extraction time.