New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer Review

If smaller wastage, higher efficiency and much greater revenues are all the things that you want from your juice stand, you need to bring in New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer. Featuring a powerful build, compact design and optimum juicing speed, the model is one of the ideal domestic cold press juicers available out in the market. It can also be used in homes since the operation is quiet, the price isn’t high and the design is compact. Let’s see what it includes.

Special Features that New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer Offers

New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow JuicerSpeed:

A low speed is essential when it comes to cold press juicing and this particular model features 45 RPM rotational speed of the auger which is much lower than most other cold press juicers in the market which work at 80 RPM. A slower speed of the juicer ensures a higher quality output with a juice that is rich in nutrients and will stay fresh for longer. With the slow squeezing technique utilized by the juicer, the yield of the drink is also much higher than that produced by its competitors.

Commercial-grade Motor:

Since the product is designed for commercial use, it is equipped with a commercial grade motor with a 200 W power. The lower wattage ensures that the juicer operates quietly and does not produce heat during juicing which could result in oxidation. Yet, the motor is powerful enough to juice hard or soft ingredients in large amounts to deliver large batches of juice at a time.

Reverse Button:

An important feature which the manufacturer remembered to include in the design is the reverse button. It will come in handy when juicing fibrous ingredients which tend to clog the machine. Clogging is a problem that may be encountered when using any type of juicer but only few models will include this reverse function to counter it.


New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer partsThe juicer features 3rd generation auger which is ideal for juicing soft and hard fruits and vegetables as well as leafy greens. Juicing even the most difficult ingredients such as wheatgrass will deliver you excellent results. The juice quality is high for most types of ingredients because the juicer uses a stainless steel strainer with ultra fine pores.

Besides using it as a juicer, the same model also works as a processor and is capable of preparing nut butter, baby food and sauces. This versatility makes it a big hit among homeowners as well as those running a business.


The quality of the juicer and the durability of its parts can easily be assessed by its long term warranty. The warranty period of 5 years is long enough to use it smoothly and contact the manufacturer in case of any problems. Most of its competitors only come with a 1-year warranty which makes this model a preferred one, especially if you mean to use it in a commercial kitchen for heavy-duty use.

Technical Specifications of New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer

Product Dimensions: 14.5 x 11.5 x 13 inches
Product Weight: 17 pounds
Wattage: 170 W
Cord Length: 5.5 ft
Speed: 80 rpm
Frequency: 60 Hz

Pros and Cons of New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer


  • The speed is very low which accounts for a much greater yield even when compared with other cold press juicers.
  • The parts are all BPA-free to ensure your health.
  • Automatic pulp ejection makes juicing more efficient.
  • The parts are easy to clean and there’s a cleaning brush included as well.


  • The juicer is not the best at juicing fibrous ingredients.
  • The feed chute is not wide enough for processing whole ingredients.

Bottom Line

New Age Living SJC-45 Masticating Slow Juicer is a good option, whether you wish to improve your health with a nutritious diet or want to start a juice stand of your own. It’s a powerful machine with a sleek design that isn’t going to eat up a lot of space in your kitchen. Of course, you can also use it to prepare healthy baby food and nut butter whenever you wish to.