4 Best Breville Cold Press Juicer Reviews 2022

If you are bored with your old juicers and want to upgrade your juice extraction process then the Breville cold press juicer is worth taking a look at. By having these juicers, you can easily replace the traditional high-speed and heavyweight juicers.

Breville masticating slow juicers are equipped with efficient motors that make them budget-friendly. These juicers operate at low speed range between 80rpm to 1300rpm because the high-speed juicers; all in all generate heat. That heat causes the oxidation of fruits and veggies. The oxidation depletes the juice with significant nutrients. Drinking oxidative juice is just like drinking colorful water because it is deprived of several vital components.

The juice formed with these cold press juicers is smooth and less in foam. The leftover is completely dry and can be removed easily. The upgraded version also contains the auto-feeding mechanism. Because it only demands you to fill the storage once, after that you can get the juice whenever you press the button.

The reverse mechanism is also part of these potent juicers. The reverse mechanism aids in easy cleaning. For instance, if something clings with the motor, the motor rotates in the reverse direction. The stuck substance comes out easily; you don’t have to un-screwed the whole apparatus. Breville  juicers are the favorable choice for you if you want different apparatus in one deal.

4 Best Breville Cold Press Juicers

This one is a vertical masticating juicer by Breville which excels at extracting fresh juice from soft veggies and fruits. In contrast to centrifugal juicers which shred the ingredients to produce a drink that has a high pulp content, this masticating juicer uses an auger and an exceptionally quiet 240-watt motor to create a fresh and healthy drink, free of pulp.The single auger system of the Breville Fountain Crush uses a very slow rotation of the auger to squeeze out the liquid content from the fruits and vegetables that are added to it.

This 80 RPM speed will ensure that maximum juice is taken out and the pulp that is filtered out is a lot drier than what you would get from a centrifugal juicer. All kinds of organic produce from soft strawberries and hard carrots to leafy greens and wheatgrass are juiced efficiently and result in minimum wastage.

Additional advanced features that the device is equipped with include safe start feature, overload protection, and reverse direction control. The reverse control will allow you to operate the machine in the reverse direction to free it of any clogged ingredients that may be disrupting its operation.

Other than all the rest of commendable features, cleanup of the equipment between different juice batches is also simple since you will just need to pour water through the feed chute a few times to drain out the leftovers. It will also help to know that you will enjoy a complete 1-year warranty with the juicer so that it stays in shape and performs well for a long time.


  • The feed chute isn’t very large which means that the juicing process is going to take longer than it does with other slow juicers.
  • The parts aren’t BPA-free.
  • The warranty could have been longer.

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With plenty of positive customer reviews and a low price tag, Breville JE98XL stands among the most popular juicers on Amazon. It features a vertical design with a wide feed chute which is capable of juicing out whole fruits and vegetables quite easily.

Unlike most other juicers, the strong 850 watts motor rotates the powerful cutting disc at a high speed to produce juice within seconds. 

This fast rotating cutting disc is made from stainless steel and includes a micro mesh all around it to ensure that it produces at least 30% more juice than the usual centrifugal juicers in the market. The juicer can be operated at two separate speeds, 12,000 RPM or 6,500 RPM depending on the type of ingredients that you are juicing. Leafy greens and softer fruits such as berries will juice out efficiently at the lower speed while the harder vegetables and fruits such as apples work best with the higher speed.

Together with the fast and efficient operation, the device is also well equipped with safety features including overload protection and safety locking arm. In addition to multiple safety features to ensure smooth functioning of the device, the manufacturer has also ensured your health with BPA-free parts and simpler cleanup with dishwasher safe parts.

Although most of the juicer components are dishwasher-safe, the filter basket and the food pusher are not. However, these parts may be cleaned just as easily using the convenient cleaning brush that’s available. Breville also offers the usual 1-year warranty with this purchase of the juicer so that you can keep using it regularly for juicing all the different ingredients without fearing any damage.


  • It’s a centrifugal juicer rather than a slow juicer which creates heat during operation and causes the drink to oxidize faster than that produced by slow juicers.
  • The juicer is not as efficient at juicing leafy greens as slow juicers.

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This one is another best selling juicer model on Amazon which is a great choice for you in case you are looking for a faster and cheaper alternative to cold press juicers. This advanced juicer model uses a unique Cold Spin technology to pass the fruits and vegetables through the cutting disc that is surrounded by micro mesh. This technology ensures that only minimal heat is transferred from the device to the drink so that the rate of its oxidation is much lower than what you would get from the usual centrifugal juicers.

The faster processing of the ingredients is made possible by the strong 850 watts motor which offers two different speeds for rotating the cutting disc. The higher speed of 13,000 RPM is sufficient for juicing harder fruits efficiently while the lower speed of 6,500 RPM is ideal for softer produce. In addition to efficient processing of fruits and vegetables, the device also ensures minimal preparation work since it is equipped with a wide feed chute, measuring 3 inches, through which you may pass whole fruits and vegetables.

The safety locking arm of the juicer ensures safe operation and prevents the device from working unless the cover is correctly locked in its place. In addition, the large 3.4 liters pulp container ensures continuous operation of the juicer while the large juice container with 70 oz. capacity comes with a sealing lid for safe storage. Together with producing efficient juicing results for most ingredients, the device is also simple to clean since the parts are dishwasher safe.


  • The yield is lower than that of slow juicers.
  • The juicer is quite large and takes up a lot of space on the kitchen counter.
  • It does not work too well with leafy greens.

This slow juicer by Breville features a unique design and quiet operation to produce a juice drink which is much healthier and offers a much longer shelf life than that created by a slow juicer. It features a 3 inches wide feed chute which accommodates whole fruits and vegetables so you may spend more time enjoying the juice and less time preparing it.

The 240-watt motor of the slow juicer not only ensures a quiet operation but it also ensures a slow rotation of the auger at only 80 RPM so that every tiny drop of juice is squeezed out of the ingredients and much higher yield is attained than what a centrifugal juicer can give you. The parts are all BPA-free while the cleanup is simple since you can pour water through the feed chute and rinse out the left-overs before juicing the next batch of fruits or vegetables. The pour spout will also feature a smart cap which allows you to make mixed juices and also prevents mess on the kitchen counter.

The juicer works efficiently with all sorts of fruits and vegetables including soft ones, hard ones and also leafy greens and wheatgrass. The juicer also allows you to create nut milk if you are looking for a break from the usual fruit and vegetable juices. However, you do need to make sure that the nuts are soaked overnight before they are processed by the juicer.

Although chances of clogging of the machine from the ingredients are minimal, reverse direction control is available to the user to resume the smooth rotation of the auger in case a problem occurs.


  • The parts of the machine are not dishwasher safe.
  • Disassembling the parts after juicing can be a little hard and time-consuming at times.