Top 9 Best kuvings cold press juicer Reviews 2022

Kuvings offers compact, easy to handle, and efficient cold press juicers. If you are tired of your ancient design juicers then the Kuvings cold press juicers are the best option to switch. Kuvings cold press juicers are successful in gaining customers’ satisfaction.

These cold-pressed juicers are ranging from a low speed of 60rpm to 11000 rpm. According to the scientist, the high speed and the heat generated by the juicers’ motors can cause oxidation of the vital nutrients of your juice. This can deprive you of the essential components and bury the cause of drinking juice. Kuvings find the solution to this problem and introduce the world to low-speed, high efficient juicers.

The upgraded versions also facilitate the users with several different nozzles to make spaghettis or several other desserts. The benefit of the cold press juicing is, the juice formed with these low speed juicers is less foamy, the residue is completely dry and the pulp is smooth. The efficient juicers extract all the components from the fruits to give you a fresh morning drink.

Kuvings juicers are also installed with the auto-feeding design. This auto-feeding design makes them convenient for the end-users. Once you fill the juicer with the fruits, the juicer automatically extracts juice and separates the waste whenever you need it. As long as the storage contains fruits, you can collect juice after pressing the button. The juicers are also equipped with the reverse mechanism. This mechanism assists in the cleaning of the juicer. If anything gets stuck in the juicer’s motor, the juicer motors rotate in the reverse direction to pull out the stuck matter. All these features make the Kuvings juicers the best fit for you. Its compact design makes it travel-friendly. So the Kuvings cold press juicers are worthy of investment.

Best Kuvings Cold Press Juicers Reviews

B6000S is one of the best selling cold press juicers on Amazon and for many reasons. Besides its reasonable price, it features a strong, brushless motor featuring 240 watts and a quiet operation. Operating at only 60 RPM, the juicer ensures maximum yield and maximum nutrient extraction.

It makes the operation simpler with a bigger feed chute through which you may push whole fruits and vegetables while cutting down most of your preparation time.

Besides preparing fresh juices using fruits, vegetables and leafy greens, the juicer also includes a blank strainer that excels at making nut butters and frozen desserts. Additionally, the drip-free Smart Cap that’s included keeps the kitchen counter free of any unnecessary mess while the handy cleaning tool that the package includes makes cleanup simpler.

Furthermore, since the design is vertical, it consumes minimum area on the kitchen counter. Built to the highest standards in Korea, the machine is durable and comes with an extended 10-year warranty to prove it.


  • Celery needs to be chopped before juicing to prevent clogging of the machine.
  • Slightly more expensive than many other models.

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This is another slow speed juicer by Kuvings which is fitted with a 170 watts motor which operates quietly and rotates the auger at 80 RPM to take out juice from fruits, veggies and even leafy greens. The juicer also includes food processing and pasta-making attachments in the package to enhance its versatility. The machine, in fact, includes 7 different kinds of nozzles in the package for different food processing and juicing tasks. Furthermore, the ‘reverse’ control switch helps you handle the machine in the event of clogging while the forwards switch extracts juice at a slow speed. 

Furthermore, the automatic pulp ejection system lets you work continuously while the convenient handle on top allows you to lift the unit comfortably and move it around in your kitchen. What makes it even more convenient to use is the fact that it is easy to put together, take apart and also to clean. The auto-feeding design makes it even more convenient to use. Also, the product is UL certified and comes with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer.


  • The juicer doesn’t have a strainer.
  • The juice collection pitcher is small.

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Unique in design and sleek in appearance, this cold press juicer isn’t just a masterpiece in terms of styling but in terms of its excellent performance as well. You will love how easy it is to use with its powerful motor which cuts and crushes the fruits quickly to extract a greater yield in much less time. You can choose between 2 processing speeds: 9500 rpm and 11000 rpm to achieve perfect results whether you are juicing soft fruits or hard vegetables.

The large feeding tube allows you to add ingredients to the juicer without pre-cutting them while the larger capacity of the pulp container allows you to juice as many as 30 to 40 servings at a time without taking breaks to empty the pulp container. Also, the juicer uses a unique 3D juicing screen made from stainless steel which cuts and crushes the fruits and then pushes them through a mesh which makes sure that none of the pulp makes its way through into your juice glass. The juicer, being built to the highest standards in Korea, is highly durable and comes with a company’s warranty of 3 years.


  • The juicer is noisier than most.
  • Since it operates at a high speed, heat will be produced to oxidize and degrade the quality of the drink.

Here is another affordable juicer which will make an excellent addition to your kitchen and fulfill all your juice cravings with its efficient performance and unique design. The machine is installed with a capable motor of 350 watts which is capable of producing a juicing speed of 11000 rpm which ensures faster juicing as well as maximum yield, all at the same time. The juicer features an extra large feeding tube through which you can push whole fruits and vegetables instead of cutting them and then adding. The design also includes a safety locking system which does not allow the juicer to operate unless everything is tightly fitted in its place.

While the remaining parts are constructed of durable plastic, the juicing screen is made of stainless steel for enhanced functionality and ultimate durability even in the face of regular usage. The larger size of the pulp container makes continuous juicing simpler for you. You can juice up to 40 servings without requiring to empty the pulp container. The juicer also comes with a yearlong warranty.


  • Higher juicing speed oxidizes the juice and may kill some of the nutrients.
  • It is not very efficient at juicing wheatgrass.

Another best-selling cold press juicer from Kuvings is C7000S which features a vertical design to allow efficient juicing while maintaining a small footprint on your kitchen counter. The juicer has a 3” wide feeding tube which is capable of accommodating most ingredients in their natural form so you won’t need to chop them beforehand. There is also a detachable hopper in the design which allows the addition of smaller ingredients to the feeding chute more conveniently.

Additionally, the slow speed of 60 rpm ensures that the juice produced by the machine is higher in yield and better in quality than that produced from a centrifugal juicer. Since the powerful 240 watts motor produces a slow speed for juicing, it operates quietly and makes sure that the rest of the family is not disturbed each time you fulfill your juice cravings.

In addition to the adjustable pulp strainer through which you can control the degree of pulp you would like to see in your juice, there is also a blank strainer for preparing frozen fruit sorbets. The product is built to last and has a warranty of 10 years from the manufacturer to prove it.


  • The machine is not dishwasher safe.
  • It is not very efficient at juicing fibrous ingredients.

If you are looking for a slow speed masticating juicer for healthy juicing, you will love using the SC series by Kuvings. It makes use of a powerful motor of 240 watts to operate quietly at a speed of 80 rpm which ensures maximum yield, maximum nutrient retention and a longer shelf life of your drink. BPA-free material is utilized in the manufacturing with the juicing bowl made from Eastman Tritan for ultimate durability.

Other than the Smart Cap on the juicing spout which makes mixed juices easier to prepare and prevents any spillage on the kitchen counter, the machine also has a two-step safety start feature which ensures that the machine will not operate unless it is correctly assembled.

The included cleaning tool makes cleanup a hassle free task for the users while the 10-year long warranty that comes with the package helps promote regular usage without worrying that you’ll damage it. The product is additionally UL certified for safety and quality construction.


  • The ingredients will need to be cut in smaller pieces to prevent clogging of the machine.
  • The juicer is a bit costlier than many centrifugal juicers out there.

NS-950 is a vertical cold press juicer produced by Kuvings. It uses its 240 watts motor to operate quietly at a slow speed of 80 rpm to maximize the yield and minimize oxidation of the prepared drink. The product ensures safe usage with its patented two-step safety feature and includes a convenient handle in the design to make it simpler to carry.

The juicing strainer is built with GE Ultem for ultimate durability even in the face of regular, heavy-duty juicing while the juicing bowl and cup are built with Eastman Tritan. The cleaning tool inside the package makes the unit incredibly simple to clean and its automatic pulp ejection system makes it possible to juice continuously for as long as half an hour.

The cold press juicer also has a reverse switch which helps free the machine in the event of clogging. Also, its vertical design ensures that it utilizes little space on your kitchen counter and keeps the area clear for other things. The product is UL listed and there is a 10-year warranty on it to back it in the event of any damage.


  • The unit does not include a juice cap which may result in drippings on the counter.
  • The juicer may experience clogging quite frequently.
  • The juice is somewhat pulpy.

This is another model from the NS series of cold press juicers by Kuvings which makes use of a strong 240 motor to operate at a slow juicing speed of 80 rpm to extract maximum yield of juice with a much lower percentage of oxidation. The difference between NS-950 and NS-940 is only in the color: NS-950 features a chrome exterior while NS-940 is available in pearl red. The slow speed also helps minimize the noise level to 50 dBs which ensure a quiet operation of the juicer.

The patented two-step safety feature, as is present in most of the other Kuving juicers, ensures that the juicer does not operate unless the system has been secured tightly and correctly. Additionally, the BPA-free components of the product with Eastman Tritan used for the construction of juice bowl and cup ensures that the juice produced is completely safe and healthy for consumption by adults as well as children.

The juicer also uses a reverse switch to prevent clogging and an automatic pulp ejection system for juicing continuously. The company also gives a 10 year warranty with the juicer.


  • The feeding chute isn’t wide enough to let you add whole ingredients.
  • Hand cleaning is required since it isn’t dishwasher safe.
  • The juicer is somewhat more expensive than many others.

Here is another vertical masticating juicer which functions silently at an 80 rpm speed unlike the high speed centrifugal juicers to ensure maximum yield and minimum oxidation of the final drink that it produces. Operating at a low noise level of around 40 dBs, it operates efficiently extracting smoother and more delicious results as compared to its competitor brands.

What also makes it a popular pick is the durable and BPA-free components used in the construction of the machine with juicing basket, cup and pulp container all made from the highest quality Tritan. The use of Tritan for the construction of pulp containers is a bonus you get only with this particular slow juicer model since most of the other ones only use it in the construction of juice baskets and cups while using lower quality plastic for pulp containers.

The durability of the machine is further affirmed by the 10-year warranty that comes with it. You will also appreciate the easy assembly of the juicer and the patented safety mechanism which prevents the juicer from operating unless everything is properly fitted together.


  • The parts are not dishwasher safe.
  • The juicer features a narrow feed chute which asks for you to cut the ingredients.