Advantages (Benefits) of cold press juicing

Advantages (Benefits) of cold press juicing

Everyone loves fruit juices but we all understand that those packaged juice boxes lined on the shelves of a superstore are no good. It is the fresh fruit and vegetable juices that we make at home which will benefit us loads together with being delicious to taste. However, gone are the days when people used to extract juices through traditional centrifugal juicers. Although these juicers did manage to extract juice, they created a lot of heat in the process which would kill most of the nutrients present in the ingredients.

Cold-press juicing is the new hype and most juice lovers have joined in. All you need is an excellent cold press juicer and you too can jump on the same train. So how is cold press juicing better than regular juicing? Is cold press juicing just a hype or does it really offer miraculous benefits that regular juices are not capable of providing? Keep reading and you will find out everything.

How is a cold-pressed juice created?

To judge whether a cold-pressed juice is actually healthier and tastier than the regular juices, we must first understand how the process works. How does a cold-pressed juicer function? After all, it is the functionality of the cold press juicer which sets apart cold press juices from the regular juices.

Cold-press juicers, also known as slow juicers, use a hydraulic press to slowly squeeze out all the juice from the ingredients while making sure that minimum heat is produced during the process. This is in contrast to the metal blades of a traditional centrifugal juicer which spin at high speeds and create a lot of heat while extracting the juice. This excessive heat will destroy most of the essential nutrients and enzymes which are a part of the raw fruits and vegetables. This, however, is not the case when you use a cold-press juicer since very little heat is produced in contrast.

The slow rotation of the auger inside a cold-press juicer will ensure minimal production of heat and maximum retention of the useful nutrients and enzymes so that you can enjoy the benefits of the raw fruits and vegetables to the fullest.

Benefits of Cold-pressed Juicing

So now that you understand how a cold-press juicer works, let’s get down to the real question: what are the benefits of cold-pressed juicing? Below, you will find a list of the most important ones of the countless benefits that cold-pressed juices have to offer.

Faster Absorption of Nutrients:

A cold-press juicer removes most of the dietary fibers from the fruits and vegetables during the extraction process. While it may seem like wastage of food to some, it actually allows you to consume a greater quantity of the nutrient-rich parts of the ingredients. Additionally, researchers have also found that a juice drink which contains little fiber makes it much easier and faster to absorb the nutrients into the bloodstream so that you may start benefiting from them right away.

Slows Down Aging:

The nutrients that you receive from fruits and vegetables helps your body in several ways. It develops your immune system so that you may ward off several diseases that other people may fall prey to. In addition to your internal health, these nutrients also improve your skin which helps give you a fresher look. So not only do you feel younger as a result of improved health, but you will also witness yourself looking younger with glowing and fresher skin.

Detoxification of your Body:

Detoxification of your BodyOur body is being exposed to unhealthy toxins on a regular basis. When we eat unhealthy food or when we go out for a walk or for a ride in the polluted environment our system takes in these toxins. It is the job of your liver and your kidneys to throw out these toxins and keep your body clean but with the dramatic rise is pollution and the growing popularity of junk foods, it becomes difficult for these organs to do their job efficiently. In this situation, regular consumption of cold-pressed juices can be of incredible help. These cold-pressed juices help the liver and kidneys fight against these impurities and speeds up the detoxification process.

Weight Loss:

Weight Loss with juicingCold-press juices give an instant kick of energy because of the faster absorption of the nutrients into the bloodstream. However, if you set the combination of fruits and vegetables intelligently, it will keep the sugar and calorie content at a minimum while keeping the benefits to a maximum. Make sure that your juice includes a greater portion of vegetables and only a little fruit just to add some taste. This ensures that you are consuming only a little bit of natural sugar while getting a boost of energy and nutrients through your drink. Many people follow a juice diet whereby they consume cold-press juices as a replacement for some or all of their meals.

Stress Reduction:

Stress Reduction with juicingAmino acid tryptophan is an excellent source for improving your mood and sleep and is present in many fruits and vegetables such as spinach. Magnesium is another element which helps you relax. If you choose the right combination of fruits and vegetables which include sufficient quantities of such nutrients, your cold-press juice can even act as a relaxant for you. You will find many cold-pressed juice recipes on the internet which are prepared especially for stress reduction and improved sleep.


Shared in this post were only some of the most important benefits that you will experience with regular consumption of cold-press juices. In reality, there are countless advantages that these miraculous drinks have to offer. Whether you are determined to lose some pounds or simply want to turn over a new life and opt for healthier living, cold-pressed juices are the way to go. After all, it just takes a good quality cold-pressed juicer and a little bit of determination and consistency to get on this train. If everyone’s joining in, it must lead someplace nice. Why should you stay back?